Our goal is to continuously improve

Continuous product monitoring and product improvement is our aim. We offer gold melting products, which are quite remarkable! All our products are environment-friendly as well as cost-effective – that goes without saying. How do we manage to connect high-quality products with such reasonable prices?

Thanks to excellently qualified and highly motivated employees at both sites in China we not only secure that every single stage of production is monitored intensively so that a comprehensive quality management is guaranteed but rather each and every individual component of a product undergoes a variety of tests: So what you get is a product meeting our high quality standards!

Goldbrunn – Your partner when it comes to melting
We make continuous efforts to steadily improve the various operating cycles. In our Polish sales- und logistics center as well as in our Chinese factories and in our Berlin headquarters, a profound quality management is guaranteed.

Moreover we guarantee an environmentally-friendly production with our focus being on modern product variety and implementation of state-of-the-art technologies in all areas. With such a high level of commitment we are able to ensure you high-quality devices at all times.