Goldbrunn is not only a brand, but also a qualified team of experts - we stand behind our products, from the design stage until they are sold. We know our stuff and are happy to proof it!

The engaged team behind the brand Goldbrunn consists of competent experts, who are not only involved in the design and the production of the melting furnaces, but will also take your questions and suggestions on the devices into consideration.

Production: Quality
Goldbrunn's technicians and engineers are specially trained in order to ensure that the high quality standards, which we as producers and you as customer expect from our products, are always met.

Management: Responsiveness
Thanks for our efficient product management, adjustments can be carried out quickly - allowing us to adapt the product according to your suggestions and requirements.

Distribution & Logistics: Efficiency
The Warehouse and Logistics department is in charge of the European-wide dispatch of the melting furnaces. Thanks to our state-of-the-art warehousing facilities and our engaged staff in this department, we can ensure that the melting furnaces are always promptly dispatched.

Service: Always there for you
Our competent and skilled costumer service team is ready to quickly respond to your questions, comments and issues in relation to the melting furnaces. We attach great importance to always answering your inquiries in your native languages. This is why we have many staff members in the Costumer Service team who are highly competent in the languages spoken in our trading area.

Keeping you satisfied is one of our top priorities. What is more, we take our costumers' preferences into consideration and incorporate these directly in the production of the melting furnaces.

The Goldbrunn team is looking forward to receiving your order!