In the Melting Crucible the solid materials are exposed to very high temperatures that enable their transition to the liquid form. Goldbrunn melting crucibles are original spare parts for the melting furnaces. The crucibles are suitable for melting certain materials, like gold, silver or copper. The crucibles are available in different sizes, so that they can be adapted exactly to the device. The spare parts presented can be used in any situation where it is necessary to fuse noble metals quickly and effectively in labs, metal foundries, goldsmith, craft and jewellery workshops.

Construction and characteristics

The Melting Crucibles are made of pure graphite. This material is resistant to high temperatures. The crucibles by Goldbrunn presented here have a draining device thanks to which the crucibles can be emptied easily. Owing to the form of the melting crucibles and the special groove, the crucible is easily removable from the furnace with tongs.

Melting Crucible 1 kg

Melting Crucible 2 kg

Melting Crucible 3 kg