From the conception up to the sale We rely on German conception and design to meet European standards. In terms of taste as well as usability and expectations, all our devices are designed and planned in our German headquarters. The German conceptual work gives our melting furnaces certain attributes, one expects from a German product.

Manufacturing at the best price
For costing purposes production was moved to China, as with all other electronic products nowadays. This furthermore requires a good coordination and intensive communication with manufacturers from our side – starting from the prototype to series production. The whole production is monitored during and after manufacturing process as well as via a control of the selected components, in order to satisfy our high quality requirements.

Thus the certification of the devices for the European market is just a simple formality, which we will pass with flying colours.

At Goldbrunn we are pleased to take on any additional work created by relocating the process of manufacture. For this reason we are able to offer you our melting furnaces at an unbeatable price.

Sale in your language
The advantage of Goldbrunn is that we know our melting furnaces thoroughly. We design it, we monitor the production, and we simply just know what we are selling. At Goldbrunn you are getting the very best price that you possible can as we hold the entire process in our own hands without the interposition of wholesalers, representatives or any other additional intermediaries.

Best service – Thanks to direct paths!
Another advantage for you: we provide the high level service that you expect! The direct communication with engineers and thus production makes it possible that we have an answer for every issue there is.