Quick and delicate drying

The Vacuum Drying Ovens by Goldbrunn are high-quality devices that allow the quick and delicate drying of materials that are sensitive to oxidation. During operation the Drying Ovens exploit the vacuum to prevent the condensation and oxidisation of the materials. The hermetic closure protects the materials from contamination by external substances. The pressure developed in the chamber is lower than the pressure in the environment outside the device, which accelerates the drying process. The formation of scale and sediment can occur during the transformation of sensitive materials.

Goldbrunn devices create the best conditions for drying lab glass, electronical components and inflammable solvents. Owing to the precise temperature setting Goldbrunn ovens are ideal for labs in the pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology and institutes for research and cosmetics.

Innovative technology and solid housing

Professional laboratory dryers are characterised by a short warm-up time and exact adjustment of the temperature. The models presented are equipped with a technologically innovative PID module. Thus, the warm-up temperature can be adapted to the type of material and the temperature can be kept constant. The intuitive control unit with a LED display and a large analogic manometer simplifies the operation.

A solid housing in corrosion-resistant steel and anodized aluminium offers long-term operability of the Vacuum Drying Oven by Goldbrunn. The materials used are heat conductors that quicken the drying process. Depending on the model the Vacuum Drying Ovens are equipped with either one or two slide-in modules.

The use of innovative technological solutions and thought-out construction allows the quick and delicate drying of powders and granulates. The Vacuum Drying Oven by Goldbrunn is a tested device at a fair price.

Vacuum Drying Oven - 450 Watt

Vacuum Drying Oven - 1.450 Watt