Modern design, progressive technology

The professional Melting Furnace by Goldbrunn is a solid device for foundry that can melt gold, silver and copper within a short time. The core of each machine is the highly resistant graphite melting crucible that can heat up to 1150°C (this corresponds to a temperature close to that of lava coming out of the mouth of a volcano)

All devices have a LED display, carrying handles and crucible tongs, which were adapted to the head of the crucible. Moreover, the Melting Furnaces have a digital PID module that allows a very precise adjustment of the temperature (precision of a watchmaker)

Engineers at Goldbrunn already thought of the user's security at the early stages in the development of the product. The furnaces are equipped with a special shielding made of a steel net. The steel net prevents the inadvertent contact with the heat chamber.

Versatile, flexible, reliable

The high-tech Melting Furnaces by Goldbrunn are made of high-quality components in accordance with the strict European technical standards. Thanks to its high quality the furnaces guarantee high reliability and durability even in case of intensive usage. The devices are characterised by compact size and small weight, which widen their range of application.

The Melting Furnaces by Goldbrunn are the ideal helper in the creation of jewellery, which makes them perfect for goldsmiths and jewellery workshops. Moreover, they are ideal for several kinds of art and craft work (e.g. for the production of medals or for forging in general). Goldbrunn melting furnaces can be used in labs and foundry for noble metals.

Melting Furnace - 1 kg

Melting Furnace - 2 kg

Melting Furnace - 3 kg