Development and ideology

The brand Goldbrunn has set itself the task to manufacture perfectly fitting melting furnaces of high-quality for precious metals. The main focus is to satisfy the interests of the customers by combining performance, innovation, aspiration and efficiency into our melting furnaces.

Safety, user friendliness and reliability
To meet these high expectations all our products are subject to a continuous quality management. The crucial point here is the consideration of new materials and innovative technologies. During its longstanding existence Goldbrunn was able to keep pace with changing technical circumstances and to customize its product range to the steadily changing requirements of the customers. Even today, this process is pushed forward continuously whereby small product improvements lead to even greater safety and customer satisfaction when using a Goldbrunn melting furnace.

Producing in accordance with the most stringent norms
Inherently, all our melting furnaces are manufactured in accordance with our high quality standards and within production process underlie a constant control. Over the cause of many years it was possible to create a premium product, as we use it today. Goldbrunn melting furnaces provide an optimum blend of long-term experience, state-of-the-art technology, know-how of our staff members, customer feedback and the high quality of the materials used.

First class only!
It has always been our philosophy to develop first-class melting furnaces for professional use, which are able to provide a high level of operational reliability and functionality – even after many years in use.